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Product Code: 44-199
Description A 3 -section Delivery Bed constructed from stainless steel rectangular pipe section with adjustable back rest and foot section. The foot section has a perineal cut and the mid-section has a stainless steel pull-out wash basin beneath. The feet of the delivery bed are fitted with plastic stumps. Supplied with 50mm mattress covered with fire retardant, washable, vinyl fabric, shoulder support and knee crutches.
Overall dimensions: 1800 x 610 x 755mm (L x W x H)


Product Code: 25-120E
Catagories Autoclaves, Sterilizer & Autoclaves
Features - Seamless construction eliminates formation of bacteria residue and free for dirt accumulation.
- Lid fitted with a Pressure Gauge reading from 0 -30 lbs/in2.
- Lid fitted with a Spring Loaded Safety Release Valve preset to 15 lbs/in2.
- Lid fitted with Overload Weight Valve.
- Heating Element 2kW.
- Operates on 220~240V, 50Hz single phase AC supply.
- Body fitted with a carry handle.

Supplied with the following:
- Inner aluminium vessel to hold materials for sterilizing.
- Tripod stand to hold the inner aluminium vessel..
- Tripod stand to hold the autoclave..
- Power plug and electric lead..


Imaging Modes: B, B/B, B/M, M,4B
Scanning mode: Convex, Linear
Gray scale levels: 256
Display: 10’’ high resolution monitor
Scanning depth: up to 250mm

If you want to download the standard's of NEWCRYSTAL C40 click the button.


Image Modes: B,B/B,4B,B/M,M
Display: 15\'\'LCD monitor
Gray Scale: 256
Gain: up to 100dB
transducer connector: 2(standard)
scanning depth: up on 250mm

If you want to download the standard's of NEWCRISTAL F40 click the button.


Description: Mirror2 is completely shared service system that supports a variety of application, Providing a broad range of solutions in the areas of general imaging, OB/GYN, and cardiology.

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Ultrasonic emitting frequency: 2.0MHz
Output power: 7.9mW
Sensitivity: 16 weeks gestation
Supply voltage: 3.6-4.8VDC
Operating current: <150mA
Temperature: 5C to 40C
Humidity: <80% RH, non-condensing

If you want to download the standard's of FETAL DOPPLER PC-860B click the button.


Display mode: OLED Display
Perfusion Index Display: Range: 0%~20%
Measuring range: 30bpm~240bpm
Accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2% (which ever is greater)
Pulse Rate alarm: High limit: 120bpm Low limit: 50bpm
Dimensions: 66 mm (L) × 36 mm (W) × 33 mm (H)
Net Weight: 60g (including batteries)

If you want to download the standard's of FINGERTIP PULSE OXIMETER click the button.


Features: Small, light and easy to wear, applicable for longtime continuous monitoring and recording;\r\nBright and color OLED display of SpO2, PR, PI, Bar-graph & Plethysmogram;\r\nAutomatic starting measurement when the finger is put into the rubber sensor;\r\nAutomatic power saving when the finger is out of the sensor or no key operation for about 20 seconds;\r\nAudible & visual over-limit indication, the limits are adjustable;\r\nReal time clock display and setting;\r\nReal-time store SpO2 and pulse rate value with data trend review;\r\nUp to 528 hours of data storage (recording data once every 1/4/8 seconds);\r\nData records can be uploaded to PC (the PC software “Oximeter Data Manager” is available);\r\nSmart power management with low battery indication.

If you want to download the standard's of PC-68B WRIST OXIMETER click the button.


Resolution: 3.5\" high Resolution LCD display
Design: Table top design with user- friendly operation
Storage: Up to 12000 groups NIBP and 2000 groups spO2 storage
Measurement: Auto, Manual and STAT NIBP measuring mode
Battery: Inbuilt rechargeable li-ion battey

If you want to download the standard's of PC-900PRO click the button.


Product Code: 60-101
Description: A compact kit for determining the haemoglobin in the blood by diluting an acidified sample and comparing it with a coloured standard. Its reliability, simplicity and rugged construction makes this kit suitable for use in the field where laboratory services are unavailable.


Product Code: 60-102
Description: It consists of 2 pipettes, one for red blood corpuscles and the other for white blood corpuscles and a Counting Chamber with double Neubauer ruling, in a case. The Counting Chamber is made from a single piece of glass with a ruling engraved directly on the glass and with wide protecting and transverse moats. Above and below the ruled area is a matte surface, which provides a mean for easy focusing. A location line facilitates immediate finding of the rulings in the microscope field without disturbing the preparation or damaging the objective by touching the cover glass.\r\n


Product Code: 60-114
Description: Made from fine quality glass, available in square round and rectangle shapes.
Square Code A Size: 18 x 18 mm
Square Code B Size: 22 x 22 mm
Round Code A Size: Ø 18 mm
Round Code A Size: Ø 22 mm


Product Code: 60-110
Description: Made from finest quality sheet glass having a uniform thickness and ground edges. The slides are pre-cleaned and precision measured.
Size: 75 x 25 x 1.35mm (l x b x t)
Packing: Box of 50 micro slides.
Code=01: type=Plain
Code=02: Type=Frosted


Product Code: 75-163
Description: High sensitivity combination chest piece with non-chill ring and translucent mica diaphragm
Code-01: Type=Chest-piece in brass, chrome-plated
Code-02: Type=Chest-piece in aluminum


DESCRIPTION: Suitable for placing surgical instruments on this tray during operation / surgery.Constructed from rectangular CRC tube mounted on 5cm castors and finished in pre-treated epoxy coating. Table height adjustable by telescopic movement and tightening hand wheel on the side at the desired position.Stainless steel tray 56 x 40cm (L x W).
MODEL MODIFICATION: Stainless steel frame,      Height adjustments by gear handle mechanism.


DESCRIPTION: A convenient combination of a weighing and height scale. The height scale measures upto 220cm (1mm graduation) and is fitted on a plastic base and the weighing scale weighs upto 150 kgs x 500g.


Product Code: 45-326MEL-R
SPECIFICATION : Illumination by 100w Incandescent Bulb, Spring Loaded Flexible Arm approx. 75cm, Easily movable about the room, Fitted on plastic base with 5 castors.Operates on 220~240V, 50Hz A.C. Mains.

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