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We are importing the best quality products from Different countries with a very attractive price and distribute medical supplies.


Hospital Equipment

Are health care instruments which do not achieve any of their principal intended purposes by chemical action in or on the body or by being  metabolized. They are devices which serve the health professionals to diagnose, treat and follow up a patient’s health problems In clinics, Health centers, hospitals and in any health care giving organizations.

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Medical devices

Medical supplies are Consumables and non-durable which are used to prevent contamination, to give medications and to take samples from the patient .They are usually disposable in nature and cannot withstand repeated use by more than one individual

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Labratory Re-Agents

Lab-Reagents are chemicals which are supposed to react with the specimen taken from patients to diagnose and clarify unambiguous health problem. It is known to react in a specific way. A reagent is used to detect or  synthesize another  substance in a chemical reaction. 

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