The Gulf States(Saudi Arabia,Yemen, Israel), European Union, Asian and neighbouring African countries constitute the major markets for our's oilseeds and pulses export.
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We are importing the best quality products from Different countries with a very attractive price and distribute medical supplies. .
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Local Agent

We are also supplying drugs and medical supplies from local manufactures.
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Little thing about us

MENONA Import and export enterprise is a family owned business enterprise established with the vision of working in a wide range of sectors using the opportunities given by the government of Ethiopia for both the local and the diaspora community. Menona is a registered company to import & distribute pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies in Ethiopia and exporter of different pulse crops in major international market from Ethiopia farm Production.

Ethiopian oilseeds and pulses are known for their flavor and nutritional values as they are mostly produced organically. For instance, the Ethiopian white sesame seed is used as a reference for grading in international market.

Why Menona?

- Practice knowledge based service backed by experts in procuring, cleaning, processing, storing and shipping agricultural produce.
- Organic produce with natural smell and taste.
- provides high quality products.
- products are continuously available.
- Timely delivery of shipments and proactive communication and follow-up to serve our clients until delivery is executed.
- Have got efficient delivery service.
- Strong supply network of Oil Seeds, Pulses and Spices throughout Ethiopia assisting in prompt delivery and quality consistency.
- Always accessible with attentive staffs.
- supplies with reasonable price.
- Free from weevil infestation and Fit for human consumption.

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Ethiopia Address

Nifas silk Lafto Sub City A.A, Ethiopia
Office:- +251 114 42 01 34
                   +251 114 70 73 08
Mobile:- +251 911 51 5066
                    +251 935 98 6367
Fax:- +251 114 70 73 66
Email:- menonacompany@yahoo.com

USA Address

Markos E Beyaregaw
10600 Taunton Ct
Bellville MD 20706
Email:- usaoffice@menonaenterprise.com

Europe Address

Kassahun G Degena
Lusetjernveien 79
1253 Oslo, Norway
Tel:-+47 96968085
Email:- europe@menonaenterprise.com